DET30 is a reusable cotton mask with the following unique features:

Washable, Reusable 30 Times
Comfortable fit and high breathability
treated fabric
Anti-bacterial treated fabric

DET30 Specifications

Test item Test method Before wash After 30 washesa
Anti-bacterial performance AATCC 100-2012 ≥ 99% ≥ 90%
Bacterial filtration efficiency ASTM F 2101-2014 ≥ 80% ≥ 80%
Differential pressure EN14683:2019+AC:2019 Annex C < 5.0mm H2O/cm2 < 5.0mm H2O/cm2
Water repellency AATCC 22-2017 ≥ 90 ≥ 80

a: Washing method follows the method described in 8.2.1 of AATCC 124

DET30™ complies with the non-medical Barrier Mask AFNOR SPEC S76-001:2020 standard

Always maintain an extensive strategy
for health and safety

  • Wash your hands often
  • Stay a safe distance from others
  • Use masks appropriately
  • Disinfect surfaces and objects
  • Do physical exercise
  • Eat healthy food

DET30 is a general-purpose mask for daily use. It is not a personal protective equipment and not a substitute for a medical or surgical mask or a respirator. It is not suitable for use when you are sick, or when you are in clinical settings where infection risk through inhalation is high. Always observe comprehensive hygiene measures, and refer to your local health authority for more comprehensive information.

  1. Each pack contains two masks to facilitate use on alternate days
  2. For personal use only; do not share one mask
  3. Wash before first use (see wash instructions)
  4. Do not wear if:
    - The mask is damaged, soiled or has odor
    - You have any allergic reactions / breathing difficulties or are under poor ventilation conditions
  5. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age

How to use & wash your

Download User Guide

Available in English, 简体中文, FRANÇAIS,

Use instructions

  1. Clean your hands before and after putting on or removing the mask; avoid touching the surfaces of the mask
  2. Ensure the side with the QR code label faces outwards
  3. Adjust the stoppers to secure the loops
  4. Mold the wire over nose bridge
  5. Extend the mask to fully cover nose, mouth and chin
  6. Wash after each day of use; allow to dry completely

Wash instructions

  1. Machine wash with gentle detergent on delicate cycle (up to 60°C)
  2. Alternatively, gentle hand wash; Soak in lukewarm water with gentle detergent or soap for 2 minutes and rinse
  3. Drip dry, or tumble dry on delicate cycle
  4. Do not use antiseptic detergents or bleach
  5. Do not dry clean
  6. Do not rub, brush or wring

Our Story

Health and safety are a concern we all have today, both as individuals and as a community. In view of this, DETERMINANT hopes to leverage its extensive experience in design and textile & apparel manufacturing to give the public tools for hygiene and wellness, starting with the introduction of our very first mask. With this mask, we hope to achieve three goals:

  • Provide a reliable solution to the general public at affordable price
  • Save medical masks for those who need them most
  • Reduce disposable mask consumption to protect the environment

Stay healthy. Stay safe.
Be a part of the solution.

Our App

Download our DETERMINANT™ MASK App (currently only available in Chinese and English) to keep track of your wash record and provide us with your usage feedback:

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Whether you are a wholesaler, seeking a partner to co-brand, or looking at bulk purchase for your organization, our Global Sales team is here to help. Contact us at any time to explore partnership opportunities.


You must read and follow the instructions on this website before and during your use of this mask. You must not use the mask other than for personal use under the instructions provided in this website. You must follow your local regulations when using the masks. In no event shall our Company be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special consequential damages, to property or life, whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of our mask.

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